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Telsec’s Toronto virtual office solutions are also set up to grow with your business needs. When you need to rent a physical office, you can simply rent a shared, semi-private or private office, without changing your business address or telephone number.
Take a look at some of the Toronto virtual office plans listed below.

Topaz Virtual Office Plan - Mail Address Service
This inexpensive program provides you with a prestigious business address. (View More Info)

Emerald Virtual Office Plan - Telephone Answering / Mail Service
The Toronto telephone answering and mail service arrangement provides you with complete personalized telephone coverage (9 am - 5 pm). (View More Info)

Sapphire Virtual Office Plan -Telephone Answering / Mail Service / 2 days of office use
You can have all the benefits of telephone answering and mail service, plus the use of a day office two days a month. (View More Info)

Ruby Virtual Office Plan - Telephone Answering / Mail Service / 2 days of office use per month / 2 half day meeting rooms at any location.
This plan is ideal for those who need the ability to hold meetings, even while on the road traveling. (View More Info)

Diamond Virtual Office Plan - Telephone Answering / Mail Service / 3 days of office use per week / 2 half day meeting rooms at any location.
This plan works well for those who are looking for a part-time office. (View More Info)

A Toronto Virtual office plan is a great option for new or home based businesses to get a leg up on their competitors. You have all the benefits of having a downtown office at the fraction of the cost. You can have a prestigious business address with a live professional receptionist to answer your clients call. This tells your clients and prospects that you are serious about your business.
Many small business owners who work from home or on the road rely on P.O. boxes or home address as their business address. Using a home address or a P.O. box, does not send prospects and potential clients the right message, especially if you are trying to give a professional appearance.
Other benefits of having a virtual office in Toronto, is the flexibility. You can chose to have a virtual office Toronto mail service that gives you a prestigious address to have your mail and courier packages sent to and forwarded to you or you can stop by and pick them up. If you want to have your calls answered and handles by a live professional receptionist, you can sign up for telephone answering service. With telephone answering service, you can have your calls transferred to another number or sent to your voicemail.

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